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Extensions, Video, 5:00, 2015

Body Archives 2

Museum of Natural History

Florence, Italy



In a photograph, a moment remains – frozen, yet ongoing, in a reality layered by the passage of time. The world continues to change outside of the frame, but the lives that pass by contain similar experiences, occupying the same, extending light. Thus, powerful photographs remain so because they are universal – those looking decades later see something of themselves within the images. With this confrontation comes the realization that one is, in fact, the same as all those who have lived before, found within images already lost or forgotten. These works explore the potential of this exchange, using found photographs as markers of existence that can be explored from within, chosen for their inherent connection to images and memories from my own reality. The process searches through the possibilities of ownership and collective existence within this unification and extension of image, driven by an understanding that the fate of those within them, those who came before, is something shared. 

Exhibition Photos 


Body Archives 2, Museo di Storia Naturale "La Specola," (Museum of Natural History) Florence, Italy 

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