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Within Alterity:

Encounters With a Population, a Collection, A Territory

Installation, Photography, Video

Museo dell'Accademia Estruca

Cortona, Italy



Sponsored by the US Consulate in Florence

A performative intervention conducted in collaboration with colleague Radha Tague using the threads that bind the inhabitants of Cortona, Italy to their museum. The action was documented as it unfolded with photos and videos to testify the relationship between artists and residents that resulted.

The work was part of a very special exhibition opportunity arranged for SACI's first MFA students in conjunction with an exhibition at the Museo dell’Accademia Etrusca in Cortona (MAEC), which features artifacts from Holkham Hall and the British Museum. Based on the engagement with the museum and its Etruscan collection, the people of Cortona, and the surrounding region where many Etruscan sites are located, the works were inspired by the exposure to the Etruscan culture and will be exhibited at the MAEC from April 24 - July 31, 2014. This opportunity was made possible through the efforts of MFA instructors Karen Yurkovich and Daria Filardo and by the support of MAEC Director Paolo Giulierini.


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