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Deck the Walls

Co-curator of "Deck the Walls," a holiday event hosted on December 20, 2013 at Studio Art Centers International Florence (SACI) that encouraged artists to display works while reflecting on the materialism and sense of thanks that work both together and at odds within the holiday season. 


Though also a time to congregate and be merry, this event addressed the important topic of art as a tangible gift or decoration, but also as something that embodies the idea that things, especially those meant to decorate and stimulate our lives, are more than just material objects, holding undeniable meaning for those who encounter or receive them. As a symbol for the holidays, eye-catching decorations represent this time of year and, similarly, art must also garner attention to make an impact with it’s intended message. Both address a sense of materialism while simultaneously representing the historical development of society, thought, and spiritual meaning. 



Come the holiday season, how does materialism merge with a sense of thanks, human connection, and spiritual meaning? What importance do cultures place on gifts, and decorations – the art of the holidays – and how do we approach and verify the importance and meaning of these objects?


More about the event here

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