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Self | Portrait




Co-curator of "Self|Portrait," a portraiture expoloration and exhibition by Studio Art Centers International (SACI) photography students that arose after a workshop at the Bottega Antonio Manta(BAM) in Montevarchi, Italy, near Arezzo, in collaboration with photographer Antonio Manta and the inspiration and direction of Teaching Assistant, Emily Jay and SACI Alum, Jon Verney.


The project explored portraiture: each artist/student selected a word or phrase they felt functioned as a self portrait, an image which represents them. These words/phrases were then compiled into a list which was photographed by each artist responsible for making an image which represented each person’s word everyday for 18 days, while the word or phrase was kept anonymous. These photos, organized into scrolls for each phrase or person thus functioned as portraits; each artist sees him or her-self through their colleagues’ interpretation of their chosen word.


The exhibition was held at the Robert F. Kenedy Center for Human Rights in Florence, Italy from Wednesday, November 27th to Friday, November 29th, with the closing reception on Friday, November 29th.


More about the exhibition here.

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