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Consequence of Movement

Video, 4:19, Black & White, 2019

This work explores phenomenology of movement by analyzing dance in its simplest form: markers of the body’s placement within time. 

In an improvised performance with closed eyes, an attempt is made to rid movement of theatrics, emotional displays, or contrived motions; the dancer is simply moving through space and time within the container of the body. In paused, close-up depictions of the face, however, the images that arise are not neutral. Visions of extreme emotion emerge regardless of the attempt to close them off – switching between fear, elation, pleasure, disgust – all found within even the body's smallest movements. Appearing on their own accord, these emotions are not displayed, but revealed. Each expression is an immediate, genuine consequence of the movement to which it belongs.

Beyond the dancer, the work also explores a sense of movement as felt by the viewer, and how our mirror neurons, in viewing the results of such movements, may cause us to feel or react in response - making dance, more than any other type of motion, an experience of empathy.

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