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Christina Gednalske. 


My name is Christina and I’m an MFA student at Studio Art Centers International (SACI) in Florence, Italy. I’m a painter, dancer, squirrel-lover, writer, snowboarder...a modern-day renaissance woman of sorts. Many know me for my ridiculous ventures and tendency to collect random things (i.e. hats, roller skates, capes, etc.).

My art embodies my life, whether through brushstrokes, words, or movement. In this swirling world of luck, passion, struggle, and innovation, full of professionals and newcomers alike, the need for originality can become overwhelming and even stifling. Staying above water is difficult, but it's imperative to me to simply live the joy that comes from creating and do what I can to share it with others.

Is this an idealistic venture? Maybe. But I believe that idealism is the foundation for anything worthwhile. Only then does logic follow.

And thus, my motto:

Create first, think later. Live through art, and, hopefully, inspire along the way.


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