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The Wait

Video, 4:58, Color, 2020

5 Minute Film Fest, Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson (virtual), Tucson, AZ, 2020

The Wait explores a state of suspension and longing, promising tranquil scenes that are instead blurred and blocked. Progressing, but never focusing, the scenes create a skewed sense of position and motion, one moment soothing and the next jarring – embodying a lingering imminence that has come to characterize our experience of time and place.


Each 360-degree arrow rotation was manually spun over the blurred images to achieve an imposed reproduction of a ubiquitous technological encounter, making the experience of creating the piece similar to viewing it: meditative, but taxing. The repetition and blur are so prevalent as to take over the scene completely, leaving one to wonder if the original is of any importance. As a result, the viewer may suddenly realize he or she has been watching for a long time, intently even, for something else — in the meantime, not really seeing at all.

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